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Kiyoski, “America is now Bankrupt.”

There is reason for concern regarding the state of the US economy at the moment. Renowned financial educator Robert Kiyosaki voiced serious concerns about the state of the country’s finances on a recent broadcast of “The Rich Dad Radio Show.” “America is now bankrupt,” he declared frankly, raising an important question: How did the richest nation in the world become financially insolvent?

Even though the United States hasn’t formally filed for bankruptcy, Kiyosaki’s claim highlights the country’s growing debt problem. The astonishing $33.8 trillion in national debt owed by the United States as of November 24. Republic Monetary Exchange CEO Jim Clark disclosed that true liabilities—which include entitlements—may reach as much as $200 trillion. Interest payments on this debt increased to $659 billion in Fiscal 2023, nearly twice the amount in Fiscal 2020 and a 39% increase from the year before.

In this dire situation, how can Kiyosaki save his wealth? He is a supporter of tangible assets, particularly his two favorites, silver and gold. The author connects the financial difficulties facing America to the removal of the gold standard in 1971 and argues that holding precious metals serves as a safeguard against inflation and depreciation of currency values. Because of their current undervaluation in relation to historical peaks and growing industrial demand, Kiyosaki emphasizes the appeal of gold and silver. He also emphasizes how real gold and silver are not subject to counterparty risks, which sets them apart from many other investing options.

Apart from precious metals, Kiyosaki also advocates for real estate investment. Having fifteen thousand residences acts as a good inflation hedge for him. This position is supported by historical data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which shows that during 1963, the median sales price of residences climbed by 2,353.93%, and rent increased by 892%, compared to an increase in the consumer price index of 896%. This demonstrates that real estate frequently outpaces inflation rather than just keeping up with it.

Kiyosaki’s approach aligns well with the opportunities that fractional real estate investing presents to regular investors, who can invest as little as $100 in income-producing properties. By reducing the usual obstacles of high prices and loan requirements, this strategy enables people to gain from long-term appreciation and rental income.

In these unpredictable economic times, Kiyosaki’s method provides valuable advice on risk management and diversification to protect capital. It is important to remember, though, that his financial strategies might not work for everyone. It is still essential to conduct independent research and speak with licensed financial advisers.

Regarding the worries about the United States’ growing debt crisis, Kiyosaki is an advocate for protecting money with material possessions like Gold and Silver IRAs. According to him, the financial instability in the United States started once the gold standard was abandoned in 1971. Many experts in uncertain economic times agree with Kiyosaki that gold and silver investments provide a strong defense against inflation and currency depreciation.

An alluring option for investors looking for stability in the face of unstable financial markets is a gold and silver individual retirement accounts. In light of the $33.8 trillion national debt, Kiyosaki emphasizes the need for diversification into physical assets free from counterparty risk. Due to their inherent value and present low prices relative to historical highs, gold and silver make attractive hedges against economic uncertainty.

Individuals can profit from the everlasting worth of gold as well as the growing industrial need for silver by investing in gold and silver IRAs. These valuable metals have the ability to increase in value over time in addition to serving as a store of value. Kiyosaki’s support is in line with the increasing understanding of the importance of diverse portfolios that contain physical assets, especially precious metals.

Given the mounting debt issue in the United States and its possible effects on the economy, Kiyosaki’s recommendation of Gold and Silver IRAs makes sense as a smart way to preserve money. In order to protect one’s financial future, investigating alternative investment options like as precious metals through IRAs can provide some stability and security.

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