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Gold IRA Rollover

Diversify and Protect with a Metals IRA

Incorporating physical precious metals into your retirement portfolio can enhance diversification and bolster a well-rounded investment strategy. While a retirement fund typically comprises a mix of stocks and bonds, gold introduces unique diversification benefits. In times of market downturns or depreciation in the value of other assets, gold serves as a safeguard, preserving the overall value of your portfolio.

Historically, gold and silver have served as crucial hedges against various economic challenges, including inflationary pressures, currency devaluation, and heightened market volatility. For instance, over a span of 15 years from 2005 to 2020, the price of gold surged by 330%, surpassing the performance of the Dow Jones, which increased by only 153% during the same period. Moreover, during the 2008 financial crisis, when the stock market plummeted by over 50%, the value of gold surged by 100% to 250%, further illustrating its resilience during turbulent times.

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How a Metal’s IRA Benefits You

The Colonial Metals Group’s Gold IRA

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We aim to assist individuals in making informed decisions to safeguard their savings, especially if current circumstances warrant it. Your financial savings represent the gateway to a fulfilling retirement. Without that safety net, would you not be compelled to reenter the workforce?

What lies ahead? Gold and silver are tangible assets with distinct properties compared to mere paper promises. Owning these precious metals, often regarded as safe-haven assets, grants them a unique status. If you harbor concerns about the present and future state of affairs in Washington, let’s delve into the historical evidence highlighting the benefits of precious metals.

How To Invest in a Metal’s IRA ?

Establishing a precious metals IRA is a simple and uncomplicated process. There’s no requirement to liquidate assets from your current 401(k) or IRA to venture into gold investments. Instead, you can seamlessly transfer or rollover funds from your existing retirement account. What’s more, these rollovers are devoid of taxes and penalties. By opting for this approach, you safeguard the value of your assets without the need for additional investment.

Establish your Metal’s IRA in just three simple steps


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Fund your account
In as little as 3 days, your new IRA will have funds transferred from your existing IRA.


Purchase your gold/silver
Your IRA-eligible precious metals can be securely stored at one of various IRA- approved vaults across the country like Texas, Delaware and Nevada.

Usually there is no need to call your current custodian. Once your Metal’s IRA has funded, you can select which precious metals best suit your ideas for protection and growth, whether it be gold, silver or both.

Eligible Accounts

As a client, you will enjoy the experienced custodial services of DIRECTED IRA, a Trust Company and your choice of depository for the secure storage of your IRA-owned precious metals.

It Is Very Simple to Protect Your Retirement Savings

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