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Paul Stone on Leadership in USA Today

Paul Stone, Chairman and CEO of Colonial Metals Group, epitomizes effective leadership, driven by personal responsibility, resilience, and a commitment to learning. Inspired by military principles and entrepreneurial experiences, Stone champions a leadership style that fosters accountability and empowers individuals based on their strengths. Click here to learn more about Paul Stone’s thoughts on leadership philosophy and how it shapes the success of Colonial Metals Group

Colonial Metals Group Warning on the Petro Dollar's Demise

The shift from the gold standard to the petro-dollar system has left the US economy vulnerable, and now, as challenges to the petro-dollar mount, urgent concerns about its potential collapse arise. With the recent moves by Persian Gulf energy powers, the threat of hyperinflation and economic turmoil looms large. Click here to delve into the imminent risks and crucial strategies for navigating a post-petro-dollar world before it’s too late

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