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“A lifetime of work deserves to be protected. Let my trusted friends at Colonial Metals Group help you do exactly that – secure your future.
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In Our Free Guide, You'll Discover Why Gold Is

Important for Diversification

Owning gold is an essential portfolio protection strategy that provides long-term diversification benefits for today’s portfolios.

Wealth Insurance

Gold has served as a key insurance policy against financial downturns as well as outperformed major asset classes over time.

Easy to Own

Most importantly, you’ll find out just how easy it is to own gold—especially with Colonial Metals Group special introductory offers!

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Colonial Metals Group shares Conservatives values

Customers are impressed by our in-depth knowledge of financial history, how we helped them understand precious metal’s benefits to retirees, but you’ll love talking and working with us because we hold dear the values conservatives share across this great land.
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Choose The Most Secure Future For You

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What Our Customers Say

We know this is new to mostly everyone. The reasons for having gold and silver in your portfolio, now more than ever is due to a massive erosion in our economy’s fundamentals and it seems to have almost reached ground-zero. Therefore, we will work at your pace, and ensure you are heard, and promise to do our very best explaining everything you need to grasp just how simple this. We will make this transition to safety very straightforward for you.
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Sarah G

Davenport, Ia

“I can’t say enough how happy we are about our decision to trust Colonial Metals Group’s insights and grow our future.”

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Terry C

Lansing, MI

“Colonial Metals Group was not only knowledgeable but patient with my wife and I as we made the decision to secure our retirement in a safer way.”

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Daniel P

Redding, Ca

“Making the choice to something more certain was easy, doing the paperwork was even easier thanks to Colonial Metals Group’s expertise.”

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